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Nikao Performance and Rehab

Nikao Performance and Rehab offers outcome-driven concierge-type therapy, training, and
manual rehab services with extensive education to empower clients to take charge of their
health. Nikao’s one-on-one services ensure adequate time and availability for patients and
clients while providing easy communication through patient portal access.

We offer a bridge from traditional personal training services, massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical rehabilitation to optimize the bodies healing, restoration, and performance. We are your holistic body specialists and will work with you to cater your program or treatment to your body’s needs and your personal goals. With such personalized and inclusive premium care, no need to go anywhere else!

Please note, we also do accept some liens for auto-accident or injury, some workman’s comp, and HSA/FSA. If you are a sports coach or agent and would like injury prevention or recovery care for your team or athlete, please call (480) 524-0321 or email us at