Spiritual, Fitness and Financial Apps To Keep You On Track

We’ve compiled some of the most highly rated Spiritual, Fitness and Financial apps to keep you on track!


You Version

You Version is one of the best Bible study apps around. You can make notes, highlight passages, and even make graphics from your favorite verses.

Bible Gateway

With more than 200 versions and translations of the Bible easily available to search, study, or simply read. In addition to this, Bible Gateway Bible study app also has devotions and reference material available. It’s a solid app and also easily usable from your laptop.


This Bible study app lets you click on a verse and access HD videos, pictures, sermons, commentaries, maps, virtual tours, and more that have been contributed by various ministries, churches, publishers, and pastors.

Blue Letter Bible

This Bible study app equips to easily do topical studies. It contains several devotion options you can use in the app, as well. There are also audio and video commentaries, which are fantastic. The FAQ section is great to answer common theological questions.


7 Minute Workout (by Wahoo Fitness)
Wahoo’s 7 Minute Workout app is a no-fuss, no-muss approach to fitness. You can launch the app and do this quick set of exercises nearly anywhere with no special equipment. Wahoo’s app gives you the standard seven-minute workout, which consists of 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises in cycles of 30 seconds each, followed by a very short rest, as well as variations on the same routine.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app that donates money to the organization of your choice when you use the app to log miles running, walking, or bicycling. It’s a great fitness app for anyone who’s motivated by charitable causes

Fitbit Coach

Whether you own a Fitbit tracker or not, you can use the Fitbit Coach app to work out to short videos that you can do nearly anywhere. It’s a good fitness app for people who want to be talked through their exercise routines and who want to see real humans doing the moves in a video.


MapMayFitness is an exercise-tracking app for running, walking, bicycling, and plenty of other activities. There are literally hundreds, covering everything from mowing the lawn to hot yoga. You launch the app whenever you start an activity you want to record, and it captures statistics such as distance and duration using your phone’s GPS and other sensors.

Personal Finance


Mint, Intuit’s personal finances apps, is one of the most well-known personal finance apps that provides your complete financial picture in one place. Once you link your credit and debit cards to your account, Mint pulls your transactions, categorizes them and shows how you’re spending your money.

You Need A Budget

You Need a Budget is a personal finance app that’s built around YNAB’s Four Rules. The rules – Give every dollar a job, Embrace your true expenses, Roll with the punches and Age your money – not only help you build a better budget but also help you gain control of your spending.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a personal finance and wealth management app that allows you to manage your assets and investments along with your everyday spending accounts. The service integrates with more than 14,000 financial institutions so you can link your accounts within the app. While you can connect to your bank account to track spending and create a monthly budget, the app really shines in helping you track and optimize your investments.

Clarity Money

More and more companies are moving to subscription models. In the process, it’s easy to lose track of subscriptions you’ve signed up for. Clarity Money aims to help you stop throwing away on unused subscriptions by helping you uncover and cancel subscriptions you’re not using.


Prism shows all your bills and financial accounts in a single app, giving you a complete picture of your finances. The app touts 11,000 billers – more than any other app – including larger banks and even smaller utility companies. Add your bills to the app and Prism automatically tracks your bills and sends due date reminders to help you prevent late payments.