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Job Title:  Youth Minister

Department: The Degree Youth Group

General DescriptionThe Youth Minister (YM) is responsible for educating himself/herself on innovative ministerial practices that will assist FCC in winning the youth in our church, community and city. This person must be proficient in the areas of youth ministry, leadership development and team building. The YM must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with Jr. High and Sr. High youth (6th through 12th grade).

The YM’s primary purpose is to introduce young people to Christ, to disciple them in spiritual growth, and to train them in serving Christ with their lives. Of equal importance is to partner with parents or guardians in raising their teenagers to be godly men and women. The YM’s primary responsibilities will be Youth Ministry and Pastoral Care.


  • Must maintain a fresh daily prayer and devotional life.
  • Must uphold the biblical standards set forth for leaders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • Must maintain a healthy balance between work and family responsibilities (if applicable).
  • Must maintain appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
  • Must be self-motivated, resourceful, teachable and adaptable.
  • Must enjoy working with young people.
  • Humble and teachable.
  • Has a servant’s heart.
  • Committed to the vision and values of Faith Christian Center.
  • Committed to personal growth and leadership development.


  • A diligent student of God’s Word and possesses the ability to instruct in a scholarly and practical manner.
  • Personable and engaging.
  • Possesses the ability to integrate well with other ministry departments and leaders.
  • Sensitive to the needs and pressures of teens with a knowledge of possible solutions.
  • Able to teach, train and work well with the adult youth mentors.
  • Able to excite and uplift others.
  • Excellent organizational skills with a strong attention to detail and the capacity to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Able to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of situations even when only limited information is available.


Youth Ministry:

  • Create and execute long-term vision for The Degree Youth Group.
  • Provide leadership and oversight to the Jr. and Sr. high youth and adult youth mentors.
  • Provide programs that focus on maturing the youth of the church. Assure youth group maintains a balanced program of spiritual, physical, and social growth.
  • Deliver life-changing and theologically sound messages to the youth and adult youth mentors that align with FCC’s Vision, Code of Values and Statement of Faith.
  • Lead and organize effective services and activities implementing fellowship, worship, sound bible teaching, discipleship, evangelism and FUN!
  • Seek to integrate youth ministry into all aspects of the church including serving in various departments and participating in church events. This will help to create a culture that is united and intentionally intergenerational.
  • Be acquainted with the personal lives of the young people (either directly or through the adult youth mentors), i.e. attending school events, games, graduations, etc.
  • Maintain a good rapport with parents and teens.
  • Foster open communication with parents/guardians. Keep parents updated on ministry strategies and activities in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.
  • Provide counseling and spiritual direction to youth on an individual basis (as needed).
  • Participate in worship services, trainings, and other special meetings and events of the church (as needed).
  • Stay abreast of relevant and effective youth ministry practices by reading, attending youth leadership conferences, networking and building relationships with other youth ministers both locally and nationally.
  • Stay knowledgeable of current youth culture, trends and issues within those cultures and how they are affecting youth today.
  • Coordinate the training and evaluation of adult youth mentors serving in The Degree Youth Group.
  • Coordinate the training and mentoring of members of the youth group that sense a call to ministry.
  • Host an annual off-site youth camp.
  • Share the gospel with lost youth/students and lost parents on an ongoing basis.
  • Support the adult youth mentors by recognizing and expressing appreciation for their contributions. Provide spiritual help and encouragement when needed.
  • Manage the financial activities and needs of The Degree Youth Group, which includes annual budget preparation and control.
  • Evaluate the youth group on an annual basis.
  • Present annual goals for the upcoming year to your Direct Supervisor and Lead Pastors.

Pastoral Care:

  • May be asked to preach and teach in the main sanctuary on occasion.
  • Be available for counseling in times of crisis, distress and death. Counseling services include but are not limited to youth, men, women, couples and families.
  • Provide ministerial services such as baptisms, hospital visits, weddings, funerals and phone or home visitations when needed or requested.
  • Provide emergency on-call duties to those that contact FCC on the emergency phone.
  • Responsible for maintaining a high level of ethics in regards to confidentiality of information with members, volunteers and counselees.


The Youth Minister shall be accountable to:

  1. Direct Supervisor
  2. Lead Pastors

Expectations for Work Hours:  The Youth Minister position is designed as a 40 hour per week position. It is understood that the YM may need to work more than 40 hours each week to be responsive to the needs of our youth and faithfully fulfill the roles and responsibilities of this position.

Additional Duties:  Assist with errands and projects. Participate in other activities both relevant to ministry and non-ministry tasks at the discretion of Senior Management. All FCC staff members are expected to serve together with their teammates on tasks, projects and initiatives outside of their specific areas when needed.