Getting connected is about more than just attending church. It’s about community, building authentic relationships and spiritual growth. By getting connected we can encourage and support each other through life’s journey.

Membership & Volunteers

Connecting with a strong faith community is vital to your spiritual growth and development. Faith Christian Center is a place where you can grow and thrive in your walk with Christ.

A great way to foster your spiritual growth is through volunteering. We have many opportunities for you to serve God and have fun while serving others.

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Next Steps

As a new Christian it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming trying to understand everything that is going on. We want to support you in your journey. Now that you are born again, you may have questions about your faith and your relationship with Him. Next Steps is a safe space for you to grow and learn at your own pace. We are excited for your faith journey.

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Small Groups

At Faith Christian Center, we want to be a church that promotes community and connection. We’ve found that small groups of people who meet together regularly foster lasting friendships and help individuals to know God at a deeper level.

A small group is a group of like-minded people who meet during the week to learn more about the Word and to explore their relationship with God together.

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Financial Health Resources

Discover series, links, and other resources to help you get and stay financially healthy.

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Kingdom Business Association  

At Faith Christian Center we believe that biblical principles should be the foundation for our work life as well as our church and home life.

KBA provides resources and a platform for Christian business owners to promote and enrich their businesses through networking and education.

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Discipleship Classes

The purpose of our discipleship program is to encourage class participants to grow in their relationship with God and their knowledge of His Word.  The ultimate goal is to equip each disciple with a solid biblical knowledge of the fundamental truths of the faith and give practical application of how these principles should be at work in every believer’s walk of faith.  The classes will explore some fundamentals of faith.  These subjects will include the life of Christ as our Savior, Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Prayer and Jesus’ Strategy for Discipleship.

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Leadership Classes 

The purpose of our leadership program is to develop the leader within. When God created mankind, He deposited the capacity to lead and to lead well. The goal of this program is to help you develop what God deposited. We aim to help leaders come out of hiding and awaken a passion and a fire to lead well in all areas of life.  Whether you are leading a family, a business, a ministry or a small group this program will provide you with tools you need to have influence and impact

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