The Foundation

Romans 12:11 - Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;” This scripture holds the identity to our drive and focus.

Connect with The DEGREE in person, each Sunday at 12pm in our modular building. All Jr. High and Sr. High School students are invited to experience God in a fun and exciting way.

THE DEGREE is FCC’s Youth Group for Jr. High and Sr. High students. They are taught to use their faith in God and develop their capacity to love in order to become agents of change. A thermometer simply tells you what temperature it is, whereas a thermostat actively changes the temperature in the room. Our students are coached to approach life with a “thermostat” mindset by bringing change to an environment. They are actively encouraged to recognize and avoid a thermometer mindset, adjusting themselves to the world around them.

Therefore, they are THE DEGREE that makes a difference in their school, community, family and church!



THE DEGREE empowers youth to make a difference by teaching them to:

  • Being diligent in practical matters – “Not Slothful in business”
  • Being passionate in spiritual pursuits and development – “fervent in spirit”
  • Serving God’s House, people and the world in the name of the Lord – “serving the Lord”

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THE DEGREE offers:

  • Dynamic Youth Ministry
  • Authentic Praise and Worship
  • Prayer/Soul Winning Training
  • Interactive and Relevant Teaching
  • Youth Challenges
  • Strong Outreach Activities
  • Ambassadors Program (Training in ministry service and foundations of the Christian faith)
  • Mentorship Program
  • Annual, Impactful Youth Camp Experience

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Your youth’s safety is incredibly important to us, and we are committed to a system that creates a safe environment. All of our DEGREE volunteers are screened with an interview and federal background check and we have security personnel that monitors the facility.


Age Appropriate Ministry

We have biblical teaching, music, games and activities that fit the youth’s own unique needs. We bring fun to every service through energetic worship music, interactive games, and bright, friendly environments.


Our Authentic Youth

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