Woman2Woman provides women with a warm, loving environment designed to revive, revitalize, invigorate, refresh, renew and restore. It is a ministry that is dedicated to empowering women to be their best.

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Woman2Woman (W2W) is Faith Christian Center’s Women’s Ministry. It’s goal is to Empower Women to Be Their best by assisting them in developing and maintaining healthy self esteem. W2W hosts a few events a year and has a book club designed to assist women in cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with other women. The objective is to help women see themselves the way God sees them so they can be who God has always dreamed for them to be.

Woman2Woman Book Club Farewell

It has been an honor serving women through Woman2Woman in a myriad of ways over the last 11 years. The Book Club is among the jewels of W2W. It has been used as an effective vehicle to disciple, edify, and connect women for almost 9 years now. The book club has over 1,700 members in several states and even abroad!

Effective January 1, 2020, the book club will be dismantled and will no longer exist. At the time of its creation the Book Club was desperately needed and it made a world of difference in the lives of those who connected with it. Over the years, however, with the creation of Faith Christian Center’s Women’s Small Groups and accountability and authentic relationships becoming Core values of our church, I believe the Book Club is no longer necessary.

Thank you so much for being partnering with us over the years in helping women embrace their God-given identity. Thank you for trusting me with your time and for allowing me to be a voice in your life. I pray God’s best over you now and always. – Pastor Erica Renee Moore

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Our goal is to see women connect and form a strong sense of community with other women as we grow and pursue Jesus together. We want to empower women to develop and maintain a healthy self-esteem by helping them see themselves the way God sees them. Most of all WE LOVE JESUS and we want to represent Him to the FULLEST! We are Woman2Woman!

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