The purpose of our leadership program is to develop the leader within. When God created mankind, He deposited the capacity to lead and to lead well. The goal of this program is to help you develop what God deposited. We aim to help leaders come out of hiding and awaken a passion and a fire to lead well in all areas of life.  Whether you are leading a family, a business, a ministry or a small group this program will provide you with tools you need to have influence and impact. We will explore some core values that are foundational to effective leadership. These subjects will include Excellence, Belief and Trust, Authentic Relationships, Accountability, Celebrating the Success of Others, Honor, Gratitude and Thankfulness and Generosity.

Who Should Attend?

  • If you have a desire to lead and want to learn the foundations of leadership, this would be a great opportunity for you.
  • If you are a new leader who would like to gain solid leadership tools and grow in your leadership competencies, our leadership program is for you.
  • If you feel called to lead in the marketplace, ministry or in business, while maintaining a biblically based leadership model, you will greatly benefit from this program
  • If you are a seasoned leader and want to refresh your knowledge on some of the fundamentals of leadership and evaluate your current leadership climate, we would love to have you join us as well.

Leadership Classes Descriptions


Faith Christian Center DNA (Vision. Mission, the Code, etc.)

This section of our leadership classes will discuss the DNA of FCC found in our vision, mission, and code of values. This introduction class to our leadership program will discuss what leadership is, how we effectively develop as a leader and the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy leadership community.


Excellence will highlight the importance and the necessity of leading with excellence. Excellence is a mindset that must be cultivated and developed in order to create a leadership model that not only is appealing but also a representation of the excellency of God. God is excellent and because we are made in His image we have excellence capacity and this class is designed to ignite the excellent leader in you.



Authentic Relationship

This session will address the magnitude of the value that authenticity provides.  Leaders who will not embrace authenticity as a strength may never experience the joy and freedom that authentic relationships bring. People want to follow leaders that are authentic, approachable, and relatable. This class allows leaders to come face to face with the need to be authentic so they can lead authentically.




Leadership is often described as lonely but healthy leadership is designed to be a team sport. This class will point out the essential characteristics of accountability. No leader can reach their maximum potential without the assistance of others to hold them accountable to vision, mission and values. All of us have blind spots as well as things we are aware of, and accountability creates the environment for us to be our best.



Celebrating the Success of Others

This class will focus on the leader’s need to create a culture of adding value to others and celebrating their successes. Leaders can be so vision minded that the discipline of serving others or stopping to celebrate progress can become foreign. This class will challenge you to genuinely value others and build celebration into the culture so that each person feels valued and appreciated.


This class will emphasize the importance of habitual sowing that leads to divine opportunities that can only be created through generosity.

Reaping is a result of sowing but the busyness of leading can sometimes prevent leaders from giving back and investing in others the way they once envisioned.  The goal of this session is to ignite a desire in leaders to cultivate and maintain a generous heart.

Gratitude & Thankfulness

Gratitude and thankfulness are the fuel that keeps the joy of leadership alive. Many leaders forget the joy that leadership once provided them.  This class will assist with bringing the leader back their why. Gratitude and thankfulness are essential for maintaining humility and never walking in entitlement no matter how successful a leader becomes.



Belief & Trust

This class emphasizes the significance of belief and trust that a leader must possess in their team in order to move vision forward. This class will address the fundamental need for belief and trust to be cultivated in the leader in order for belief and trust to be given to others.


Honor is currency and there are some doors that will never be opened to a leader unless honor is present and authentic. This class will provide the leader with the tremendous value that honor brings to leadership. Honor provides access to people and places that talent, skill, and success cannot provide.