In 2014 Pastor Moore established 6 Characteristics for the model of what a Kingdom man should look like, and we call it being a ‘Model Man’. Today it has been expanded to 7 Characteristics. A Model Man should:

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  1. Genuinely / steadily / passionately grow in his faith
  2. Actively pursue God’s purpose for his life
  3. Actively be involved in his local church
  4. Be a GREAT husband to his wife (if applicable)
  5. Be a GREAT father to his children (if applicable)
  6. Master his work and be a blessing to those he works with and for
  7. Live a “model” life for other men to follow

Get involved and connect with men at FCC

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Build Authentic Relationships

Part of our Code here at FCC is to build authentic relationships. The culture here at FCC is a healthy one and one where many of our men often get together outside of church and fellowship in various types of ways. From sporting events, cookouts, lake outings, and more. You’ll find it very easy to meet, connect with, and start forming relationships with other men here!

Man Camp

Man Camp is an annual two day event designed to help “Model Men” discover who they are in Christ and empower them to face the impossibilities that oppose the will of God for their lives.

We believe that God wants to use Man Camp as a tool to awaken the worshipper in men, help them confront the secrets in their lives and overcome them, while redeeming the men in our families at least three generations deep! Man Camp has expanded to a nationwide event with men attending from states coast to coast. Visit for details.

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Men’s Small Groups

These groups provide men with the opportunity to come together with all of our faults and no judgments. Due to the size of the groups, men can support one another through additional prayer and time. This allows us to facilitate relationships and encourage transparency needed to grow as men, strengthen our families, and develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

Visit the Small Groups page for more information and/or to join a group near you!

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