Emmanuel Pines Camp
3000 Spence Springs Rd Prescott, AZ 86305

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Jul 19 2019 - Jul 21 2019


05:00 PM - 02:00 PM



Revolt Youth Camp 2019

2019 Theme:DETOX

A compelling team of hand-selected teachers will inspire and strengthen your youth from the Word of God. The genuine worship experiences will draw them into authentic encounters which will allow them to confront the distance from where they are and where God desires for them to be. The various “real” heart to heart conversations they’ll have with friends and Youth Mentors will connect them with people who can walk with them throughout the rewarding experience of growing in Christ while allowing them to establish relationships purposed to help them alongside this life long journey.

This experience will take place in a safe and secure environment where nature abounds and technology is limited!

We will walk our youth through the process of detoxing from toxic elements that hinder them from experiencing life at its greatest levels! While encouraging those who already are. -Don’t tell them yet but this is what Jesus meant by John 17:17! Together we will confront unhealthy issues of the heart, mind and emotions that can hinder us from experiencing the quality of life that Jesus had in mind in John 10:10.

Join us this year as we set a new standard in the hearts of the youth. God chooses youth, it’s his purpose and heart for us to never waiver nor have to experience life outside of his provision, comfort and design. Detox is not an easy walk in the park! This will take deep reflection, vulnerability and a diligence for change. Once the Detox is fully completed we will never be the same!

Partner with us, THE DEGREE as we usher the youth through the Word of God through Worship, Fun, Games and maybe a few bugs and creepy crawlers…towards a life changing experience that will stay with them FOREVER!! In the month of June we will be doing a series on Intoxication that will lead up towards THE REVOLT experience.

Please reach out to cwhiten@fcc-phx.com with any questions you have.