Generosity Week

During this holiday season brighten someone’s day through an unexpected, random act of kindness.

Live Generosity

Give freely and spontaneously. Don't have a stingy heart. The way you handle matters like this triggers God's blessing in everything you do, in all your work and ventures.
– Deuteronomy 15:10 (MSG)

Spread God's Love

God is generous. Living a life of generosity improves the life of the receiver and the life of the giver. Generosity should be shown to everyone, it’s not just reserved for those who are in need.

Share Healing

For many, the holidays can be more sorrowful than joyful. Emotions such as loneliness, anger, and grief can easily overtake the spirit of cheer. Share healing with a generous random act of kindness.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate. There is no age or financial limitations. We even encourage you to get your family, friends, kids, neighbors, and co-workers involved. The more the merrier!

How Do I Get Others Involved?

Step 1: Surprise a Total Stranger With a Random Act of Kindness

Think of a way to surprise a total stranger with a random act of kindness. Anyone can participate! There’s no age or financial limitations. Let your creativity flow. We even encourage you to get your family, friends, kids, neighbors, and co-workers involved. The more the merrier!

Step 2: Share Your Story

Capture your generosity with a video, photo or selfie with the people being blessed. Then tag our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram at @fccphoenix using the hashtag #fccgenerosityweek. This gives others a chance to experience firsthand the kind of impact generosity has on people. There’s no pressure! If the person you blessed does not want you to record them, please honor their wishes.

Step 3: Encourage 3 Friends to Join The Fun

When you post on social media, be sure to tag at least 3 people that you would like to see participate in Generosity Week. Give them 24 hours to bless somebody else.

When is Generosity Week?

The first week of December.

Why Does it Occur During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year for many of us, but unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. For some people, the holiday season is lonely, depressing, & even stressful. What better way to brighten up people’s day than by surprising them with a good ol’ unexpected, random act of kindness! WOO HOO! Are you excited yet?

Why Should I Get Involved?

Because if you don’t, none of your Christmas bulbs will light up on your tree this year! Evil laugh! Evil laugh! Just kidding. Why wouldn’t you get involved? You’ll be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime! You thought skydiving was a rush, wait until you try generosity!

Why Should I Tell Others About What I’ve Done?

If you don’t tag anyone or share your story, how will anyone else discover what Generosity Week is all about and decide to get involved? Your story may give someone an idea or the courage they need to step outside of their comfort zone and be a blessing to someone else. So please share your story so that we can all celebrate together!

Can I participate in More than One Act of Kindness?

Absolutely! And you can post more than (1) video or picture too!

What are Some Creative Ways to Bless People?

  • Put change in people’s parking meter.
  • Pay for someone’s meal, coffee, or groceries.
  • Fill up someone’s gas tank.
  • Have your child buy a toy for another child.
  • Purchase and distribute bus passes.
  • Purchase and distribute $10.00 gas cards.
  • Purchase a gift card for the store you are in and hand it to the person behind you. Purchase blankets and give them to the homeless.
  • Purchase a book of holiday stamps and give it to someone at the Post Office Give the person putting the shopping carts away a gift card.
  • Pay someone’s rent for the next month (go to the leasing office of an apartment building).
  • Pay for the person behind you at the movie theatre.
  • Buy someone a new car (Ok, that last one might be a bit much.)

Ummm, I Still Don’t Get it?

  1. Bless someone you don’t know.
  2. Submit your selfie or video on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.
  3. Tag 3 people and encourage them to get involved. Give them 24 hours to bless someone.