Responding to the Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit. Part 2

Responding to the Holy Spirit

God is always present with us through the person of the Holy Spirit. However, we can develop a greater awareness; presence. 



In the New Testament, there were times when the Holy Spirit filled a place where people have gathered sovereignty and spontaneously (Acts 2& 10). There were other times when people prayed and

  • The place was shaken, and they were all filled
  • The Holy Spirit started speaking

There is a unique and sweet revelation the longer you walk with the Lord. You will be able to see both of these different types of moves in your life: sovereignly and spontaneously. God will move when you didn’t ask for it, and God will move when you ask for it. If you can get a hold of this revelation, it will change everything in your life over time.

“But when the truth-giving Spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you. He won’t speak on his own, but only what he hears from the Father, and he will reveal prophetically to you what is to come.” John 16:13 TPT

With the Holy Spirit as your guide, you can be coached through any situation, no matter how difficult or challenging it is. The Holy Spirit is the Truth-giving Spirit. Not only does He have the truth, but He also has the power & the authority to dispense truth as well. When He gives out the truth, He doesn’t just drop it in our lap and leave it to us to figure it all out. He will guide you into the whole, entire, complete truth. 

Why do we need guidance when we know the truth? The reason why is because the truth is a lot to process sometimes. A great example of this is when Adam and Eve got exposed to the knowledge of good and evil. They ended up behind some trees, trying to cover up the truth about how it affected them. 

In scripture, there is a connection between God, Truth, and Freedom.

The Greek Definition of Truth:

  • Universally, what is true in ANY matter under consideration.

The Holy Spirit is that friend you need that will keep it 100% true. 

  • The truth about God found in the bible
  • The truth about your health
  • The truth about your marriage
  • The truth about you as a single man/woman in 2021.
  • The truth about your interactions with other people.
  • The truth about your relationship with money.

There are two kinds of unbelief:

  1. Ignorance
    1. The solution to ignorance is just the opposite: knowledge
  2. Unpresuadableness
    1. The answer to unpersuadableness is obedience.
    2. Faith, by definition, is a firm persuasion based upon hearing.
    3. Genuine faith says: “If God said it, then I believe it.”

If we hear the word minister us or we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, but we remain unpersuaded, or non-responsive our UNBELIEF takes sides AGAINST the will of God in that area of our life. If you want a breakthrough, you’ve got to RESPOND to the influence of the Holy Spirit. You have to be coachable.

Let’s talk about Mary. Mary was a teenager when she was engaged and told by angel Gabriel that God will use her to do something never done before. Imagine being told that you will give birth to a child without ever having been with a man. Oh, and He would be the Savior of the world, so no pressure. 

One of the reasons people don’t respond to the Holy Spirit is that they don’t know they can ask Him questions. 

  • When Lord? Why Lord? Who Lord? Where Lord? How Lord?

There’s a difference between asking God questions & questioning God’s ability to bring something to pass. You learn how to follow the Holy Spirit not only by what He does say but also by what He doesn’t.

Hearing from God is not complicated, but it is a walk of faith.

God laid out His plans for Mary, and Mary RESPONDED immediately.

What is your response time to the Holy Spirit?

  1. Immediate
  2. Delayed
  3. Non-existent

How will you respond to the Holy Spirit? Comment down below and let us know. 

See you in Part 3.

Written by Jazmin Miguel – FCC Marketing Assistant