5 Steps To Accomplishing Your Goals

June is Health Month at Faith Christian Center. What better time than the half-way month to reevaluate our spiritual, financial, mental and physical health. If you are one to struggle with actually keeping goals, keep reading for some tips that could help you get to the finish line this time.

Step 1: Set Reasonable Goals

Start by making sure your goal is reasonable and take baby steps if necessary. Use the SMART goal framework to create the right goal. A SMART goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-oriented. Having the right goal, to begin with, can lead to quick, small wins and those can be very motivating.  Those wins will create momentum that can carry you through a lengthy process. It’s easy to lose the motivation to stick out a goal if the goal is not a solid one, to begin with. Reevaluate any goals that you may have set in the past that you did not complete. It could be that it was a poorly created goal from the start.

Step 2: Have an accountability partner.

Tell someone that cares about you what your goals are and give them permission to check in on you and offer encouragement and maybe some tough love if necessary.  Joining small groups or teams of people who are working towards the same goal can be helpful as well. If you are expected to report your progress periodically, it might keep you from falling behind. Knowing that other people are looking up to you and working on the same goal that you are can be a huge motivator.

Step 3: Look for the quick wins.

Having quick wins early in your goal process can be a great motivator. When you do have a small win, celebrate! Just don’t let your celebration undue any progress you might have made. For example, if your goal is to save $1000, make a plan to celebrate every time you save $100. Your celebration can be as simple as giving yourself more time to enjoy activities that you would normally do like reading, watching movies or enjoying the outdoors.

Step 4: Write your goals down.

Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to write the vision and make it plain. Goal posters are helpful too. They allow you to visualize the goals that you have.  Know your “why”. What is your compelling reason for wanting to complete a goal. How will it change your life? Who will benefit once you complete this goal?  How will your life look? What will it look like smell, like, taste like, when you have stayed accountable and completed your goals? Write it out. When you do, you will begin to catch a vision. When you can see yourself on the other side of your goal, it will be a powerful motivator to keep pushing when the going gets tough.

Step 5: Be gracious to yourself.

Forgive yourself when you have bad moments or if you completely fall off the wagon. Get back up, reset the finish line if you have to and RECOMMIT.