Humble Yourself

What if you came across an ad for your dream job. The company, location, and salary checked off everything on your list. You apply, interview, and pray for a response. Days and weeks pass until you finally get that email thanking you for your time and interest, but the company decided to move forward with a different candidate. Disappointment sinks in and you continue to pray for peace and comfort, as you learn to accept God’s “not yet”.

Being humble before God is realizing our need for Him, submitting to His will, pursuing Him and being confident the outcome will occur in God’s perfect timing. Be encouraged that approaching God with a heart of humility will always position you to find relief in Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to humble yourself before God, even in the midst of others looking on. Offenses and disappointment may come but continue in your pursuit of Jesus. You may not get relief right away but know that God is never late and His solution is always perfect.

I am the one who made all things. They are all here because I made them,” says the Lord.

“These are the people I care for: the poor, humble people who obey my commands. – Isaiah 66:2

Through trials, we always want answers and guidance, but it’s not about what we want and when we want it. It’s about understanding God’s plans and why He is working things out a certain way.  In an instance where we may not get the position that could be life-changing, avoiding discouragement seems merely impossible. Remembering that His will is always timely and best should always encourage us to choose humility over impatience.

Is there discouragement in your heart today?  Release it to our perfect God.