Observational Wisdom

Welcome to part 4 of That’s Wisdom!

In Part 3, we talked about

  • What we know about Godly wisdom is based on scripture but not in scripture.
  • What causes people to miss what wisdom is saying.
  • What to ask yourself when trying to discern the source of wisdom you’re receiving.
  • What to do if there is no scripture on the subject.

Our goal was to learn about wisdom based on scripture, but not in scripture. Today we will dive into what observational wisdom is. Continue to read more to find out.

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Wisdom’s Splatter

How many of you have a friend that loves connecting with other people? A friend who helps connect with other people? Well, wisdom is the same. Wisdom is a connector, and she has some great connections. I just need you to understand that wisdom does not travel alone. Below is a list of some of those connections.

16 things that wisdom has, offers, or knows how to get

  1. Soundness
  2. Insight
  3. Strength
  4. Good judgment
  5. Knowledge
  6. Discernment
  7. Common sense
  8. Success
  9. Riches and honor
  10. Peace
  11. Justice
  12. Favor
  13. Life
  14. Blessing
  15. Enduring wealth
  16. Long life


Let’s look into the scripture for a great example of wisdom’s splatter. I am sure that Solomon can agree with us that wisdom does not travel alone.

In 1 Kings 3: 3-14 (NLT), when the Lord asked Solomon, “What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!” Solomon asked for wisdom. The Lord was pleased that Solomon has asked for wisdom, and in verse 13, the Lord said, “I will also give you what you did not ask for- riches and frame!… I will give you a long life.”

Did you see the splatter?

  • Riches
  • Honor
  • Success
  • Favor
  • Long life (if he obeyed God’s commands)

Now, let’s focus on one of the splatters that wisdom offers: common sense.


Common Sense

  1. Dictionary definition
    1. Sound and prudent judgment in practical matters based on a simple perception of the situation or facts
    2. An ability to reach intelligent conclusions
    3. Suggests an average degree of such ability without sophistication or special knowledge
  2. Biblical definition
    1. Sound judgment in practical matters
    2. Prudence
    3. Discretion
      1. The power to decide or act according to one’s own judgment.
    4. A combination of wisdom and discretion
      1. Wisdom knows what to do; discretion knows when and where to do it.


To better understand and observe wisdom, we also need to understand the opposite of what it is: foolishness.

Stupidity is the inability to understand ideas and concepts, not what we are talking about today.

So what is foolishness? Foolishness is the inability to understand the consequences of choices. A person’s intelligence does not always trace foolishness. This may explain why some people who are successful in some areas of their life keep making the same mistakes repeatedly, affecting other areas of their life.

In scripture, a fool is someone who

  • Is confident in their own wisdom
  • Beliefs they have this all figured out without God’s help.
  • Hates wisdom and chooses to walk in folly
  • Despises morality

So to make it clear, the difference between the wise and foolish:

  • One learns from their mistakes.
  • Others keep repeating them.

When is someone considered to be lacking common sense? When a person continues to believe or do something when there is evidence to suggest they would be better off thinking or acting differently. Below is a list of things that affect common sense negatively.

Things that negatively affect common sense

  1. Pride
  2. Stubbornness
  3. Dishonesty
  4. Being in denial about the obvious and inevitable
  5. Seeking immediate gratification over long-term gain.
  6. Pursuing pleasure over peace

When observing wisdom, understand that wisdom appeals to its followers as a teacher. She is not trying to take something from you, but instead, she wants to impart something to you. Wisdom is a connector and isn’t alone. However, folly appeals to its followers as a lover wanting to use you for her pleasure.

In part 5, we will be discussing how people are confusing wisdom with fear. Super interesting.