W2W Positive Affirmations

I am fearfully and Wonderfully Made in the Image of Almighty God

God loves Me and I Love me too

I Love my Skin

I Love my Hair

I Love my Face

I Love my Body

They are Gifts of God

Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above

And I am Crown of Royalty in the Palm of His Hand

I Renounce Every Negative Word ever Spoken Over me by Others

And Even Those Spoken by me Myself

I choose to Believe the Best Concerning me and others

I am not intimidated by or in competition with other women

Just like Jesus, I am secure in my own identity

I am a Woman Full of Destiny

Full of Wisdom

Full of Strength, Dignity and Honor

I am Free From Self Loathing, Regret and Fear

I am Free to be Whom God Made me to be

I am a Mighty Woman of God, full of Faith

And He is Very Pleased with me


  • Palms 139:14
  • Jerimiah 31:3
  • James 1:17
  • Isaiah 62:3
  • I Corinthians 13:7

About Woman2Woman

Woman2Woman (W2W) is Faith Christian Center’s Women’s Ministry. Our goal is to Empower Women to Be Their best by assisting them in developing and maintaining healthy self-esteem. W2W hosts a few events a year and has a book club designed to assist women in cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with other women. The objective is to help women see themselves the way God sees them so they can be who God has always dreamed for them to be.

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